Top 3 Wholefoods for Natural and Glowing Skin

Top 3 Wholefoods for Natural and Glowing Skin
January 31, 2017 OrganifiedBeautyBox
Top 3 Wholefoods for Natural and Glowing Skin

Top 3 Wholefoods For Natural And Glowing Skin

Our skin is the most dominating part of our body. It covers the very first expression of a person; it is your skin that determines your age, health, confidence levels and that ‘glow’ that every goddess desire.

No doubt, we are born with the skin that we’re in. Our skin has a unique natural appearance for everyone, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to enhance and maintain it’s beauty and youthfulness. What holds us together demands care, maintenance and treatment to manifest its potential to bring out our best ‘skin’ forward.

You must be thinking what’s the best way to maintain my skin and it’s youthfulness? What should you opt for amongst the countless options available for skincare nowadays? Yes, it is an age of competition, the same goes true for skincare products, especially mainstream products. They are more available in the market these days with highly appealing advertisements and huge claims to guarantee fast and effective results. On the other hand, there are organic products, which may not be so appealing to the general public, but to the health-conscious addicts. The solutions, remedies and beauty enhancers coming directly from the lap of nature provides powerful results overtime with no harm. While inorganic solutions to anything like skincare might give you rapid results, however one must be weary of the hidden nasties and dangers of long term use of harmful chemicals and toxins that are absorbed into our biggest organ – our skin.

Though it makes sense that inorganic skincare comes into the shadow of organic skincare when comparisons are made, but just how beneficial are the Certified Organic beauty products and how dangerous the inorganic ones can prove? Below we outline the benefits of Certified Organic, natural products for skin problems, and the darker side of mainstream products that every woman needs to know!


Advantages of Certified Organic/Natural Skincare & the Disadvantages of Inorganic Skincare:

  • The toxic smell in mainstream beauty creams may appear harmless, however it may astonish you that numerous causes of allergies, sinus problems and migraines could be caused by artificial ‘fragrance’. On the other hand, organic creams are free of this nasty aspect. According to EWG (Environmental Working Group),  the term ‘fragrance’ can be a combination of  any of the 3100 stock chemical ingredients. Among them are chemicals associated with hormone disruption, allergic reactions, and many substances that have not been assessed for safety in personal care products, some even deemed carcinogenic!
  • Natural skincare do not leave your skin burning or irritating unlike most mainstream skincare products. The harsh chemicals and artificial man-made ingredients are not only detrimental to your health in the long run, but you may face (literally!) irritation or other side effects instantly. You can maintain a healthy natural skincare regime and stay healthy simultaneously!
  • You may not know that toxic, mainstream creams might invade your blood, creating internal health problems. On the other hand, Certified Organic cosmetics are composed of only natural components, ensuring no side effect of this kind. However you must read the ingredients carefully if the product may be mislabelling, such labels include: “contains organic ingredients”, “Certified Organic ingredients inside”, or “natural”. That’s why we only stock “Certified Organic” beauty and skincare products – the purest form of nature in a bottle!
  • While you look for healthier skin through mainstream brands,  most of them may be responsible for acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tone, damages to skin cells, wrinkles, fine lines and elasticity issues. Contrary to this, organic cosmetics keep these dangers off your skin while maintaining its natural elasticity and glow.
  • Certified Organic products are environmental friendly by being free of toxic fragrances and chemical odors. Essential oils are used predominantly to enhance the scent of the product. They also leave you (and others) feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as a result of the natural essential oil linger that remains in the air.


Recommended Products For Glowing Skin


The Importance of a Healthy Well Balanced Diet for Healthy Skin

They say that you are what you eat and how true it is! Although you may be using topical methods to maintain your youthfulness and glow externally, what we place inside of our bodies are just as important, if not more. It is recommended that a review on your diet plan is required in the first instance, and investigate what a healthy diet consists of for you to achieve that natural glowing skin internally. We appreciate just how different we all are.

The quality of your diet and lifestyle has a huge impact on the quality of your skin.  Keeping your body hydrated with clean, pure water is crucial so drink clean water (at least 2 litres!) on a daily basis. Consuming fruits and vegetables which have anti-aging properties is the key to maintaining your skin to achieve the suppleness of a baby’s bottom. The proportion of wholefoods in your diet has a highly visible impact on the quality of your skin. It is also important to trial various diets to see how your skin and body reacts to the foods that you consume, as not one diet fits all. Overall, all fruits and vegetables have numerous skin benefits, but below are our top 3 wholefoods that can change your life by imparting extraordinary glow and health to your skin.

  1. Tomato
  2. Carrot
  3. Spinach


Tomato is a fruit that assist you in a healthy skin glow

Tomato is a super glowing skin food. It is rich in vitamins A, C, K and essential minerals like protein that your skin needs to look healthy, supple and glowing. Having tomato in your diet plan on a regular basis will prevent your skin from showing aging effects like fine lines, wrinkles and dullness. If mainstream beauty products aren’t giving you the results that you crave, you may consider opting for more natural ways to give you that glowing skin. Tomatoes have such a great impact on your skin that you can use it directly onto your skin as a skin toner or mix it in with a homemade mask, whilst incorporating it as a regular part of your diet.

As far as tomatoes are concerned as a part of your diet for skin health, they will also defend against various diseases. They contain lycopene, which is a compulsory nutrient for your blood as well as a strong anti-oxidant. The use of this amazing fruit will assist with protecting your body against cancer and liver issues along with brightening your skin simultaneously. Incorporate a medium sized tomato in your regular diet, and you will slowly notice that natural glow appearing on your skin.

How to Incorporate it into Your Diet Easily

Tomatoes are an item we use on a daily basis through different ways. They are usually tossed into salads and sauces. Even ready-made tomato sauce is a part of most of our daily diets, but watch out for hidden sugars and preservatives which are found in most brands. Besides being consumed as a sauce, they can be also added during cooking as a natural flavour enhancer to the overall dish.

Slices of tomatoes with bread, eggs and cottage cheese.

Tomatoes are easy to incorporate into your daily meal plans. Most know that they can add that bit of spark into any salad. Simply mix up with other salad items like cucumber, rocket, carrots and beetroot.  Great as an in between snack too with your favourite dressing! We love balsamic vinegar drizzled with Certified Organic Cold-Pressed olive oil.

Tomato wedges are also great with bocconcini as a quick and simple snack. Simply cut tomatoes into wedges or halve cherry tomatoes and pair with mini bocconcini, drizzled with EVO (extra virgin olive oil), and always opt for organic where possible. We often refer to the dirty dozen, clean fifteen list.

Incorporate Eating Tomatoes at Picnics

If you love sandwiches, increase the amount of tomatoes in them for your skin’s sake. Tomato juice is also a quick and fun way to consume tomatoes. One bottle of fresh tomato juice / smoothie a day for 7 days will have you glowing like the sunrise every morning!


Bunch of Carrots in a Basket

Hats off to nature’s plan for imparting such a plentiful amount of vitamin A in carrots, which gives ultimate safeguard against a great deal of skin issues. It stands out amongst wholefoods for glowing skin due to the following reasons:

By consuming carrots your skin will become healthier and more vibrant, due to the amount of antioxidants & vitamin C contained in this oranged vegetable. Carrots also have a high dose of beta-carotene (due to its orange colour).

There have been numerous studies which has shown that beta-carotene is vital for protecting eye and skin health, improving immunity in the body and fighting free radical damage which causes various forms of chronic diseases – heart disease and cancer included. This antioxidant abundance carrot has made its way into various beauty masks worldwide. Carrots can mixed with raw honey or other natural components for homemade face masks for that extra glow and vitality.

Carrots and Cucumber on a Chess Board

Carrot juice is also equally advantageous. If your skin has acne marks, blemishes or other scars, regular carrot juice consumption will clear them off.  Try applying carrot juice with an organic cotton ball directly onto your face for a natural way to remove dark spots.

Carrot Juice for Healthy Skin - No More Scars

Skin is exposed to elasticity issues with the passage of time. Everybody needs to take steps. Collagen is a type of protein highly helpful in the restoration of skin elasticity. Carrots are rich in this protein, just watch your surfacing wrinkles and fine lines diminish slowly… Another age effect controlling vitamin, vitamin A, is also present in this blessed vegetable for removing pigmentation, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and dullness.

The beta-carotene, found in carrots, is a skin brightener and glower. When it’s absorbed into our bloodstream, it is converted into vitamin A, providing all the above mentioned benefits of the vitamin. It repairs skin tissues and keeps them from heat and the negative effects of sunlight. Even on scarred sunburned skin which has become dull and dark, beta-carotene will assist in the healing process in lightening this area.

Don’t we all despise the cooler months when our skin becomes dry and flaky? Dryness is usually a result of the lack of potassium in our body. Daily consumption of carrots will  provide your skin with natural moisturizing and hydration properties for that natural glow that all goddesses love!

Carrots are a necessity for healthy skin and gives treatment to a wide range of skin ailments like acne, dermatitis, rashes, pimples, scars and much more. By applying them directly on your rashes, pimples, wounds, burns and cuts  you will realise their divine healing powers in the long run. Remember patience is the key to seeing mother nature work!

How to Incorporate it into Your Diet Easily

Steam Carrots in Your Diet

Consuming carrots in their purest raw form will provide your skin with direct nutrients straight from the source, especially if it’s Certified Organic as well! You can also take them as pulp, juice or pulp mixed with juice. They can also be cooked in many ways. An easy way to use them as a side dish is to drizzle whole carrots (unpeeled – if it’s organic, so that you receive all the nutrients and fibre from the skin) with EVOO, mixed fresh herbs and leave them in the oven for about 20 minutes on 175 degree celsius heat. Season with sea (celtic) or Himalayan Pink salt and cracked pepper. Delish!


Spinach for a Healthy Skin Glow

Spinach is called super food for having lots of health and skin benefits. Besides giving a great deal of health advantages, it is also glowing skin food. Besides keeping your skin hydrated, it also has lots of skin health benefits. Below is a small list of some of its  extraordinary skin benefits:

Anti-Aging Advantages

When your age advances, your skin elasticity naturally weakens. Free radicals, which come into existence during food digestion or through external factors like pollution and toxins, are harmful to your cells as they stimulate aging process. Spinach is rich in vitamin A, which has high antioxidant power. It will keep you younger and restore your skin tissues. Having one cup of spinach will give you 943 mg or vitamin A, which is the average daily intake for an adult, so go for gold (or shall we say, spinach)?!

Steam Vegetables and Spinach Salad

Skin Repair

Your skin cells need regular repairing; spinach has vitamin C with skin cell repairing strength. Spinach provides collagen, which generates new skin cells and repairs the old ones. A single cup of spinach provides 18 mg vitamin C, which is not only essential in your daily diet but great for your skin!

Rosy Pink Glow

Spinach is a brilliant source of iron, which is a compulsory part of hemoglobin protein. This protein is responsible for making oxygen accessible to all your organs. If your body is deficient in iron, your skin will appear pale and lifeless. By incorporating spinach in your diet, you’re able to consume iron in great quantities to restore that rosy pink glow that your were born with!

Under-Eye Circles

Those nasty dark circles are not an uncommon thing. Especially in this day and age, where every woman is expected to be a “superwoman”! Juggling between the children, working and doing the house chores, who has time for sleep right?! When these dark nightmares appear under your your eyes, you’re desperate to find any ailment which will rid you of the dull, aged, ill and unattractive look. If you’ve never heard of vitamin K, you’re about to! Did you know that vitamin K is powerful in restoring under-eye circles skin? Vitamin K will heal skin tissue and the super food spinach contains this exact vitamin! It is also known to keep skin clear, heal burns and boost blood circulation. A single cup of this vegetable has around 900 mg of vitamin K.

How to Incorporate it into Your Diet Easily

You can add spinach to any ‘green’ smoothie to give it that green appearance and the best thing is, it has a neutral taste in smoothies so your kids can’t even tell that it’s ‘healthy’!

Green Spinach Juice for Skin Repair and Glowing Skin

And there you have it the secret wholefoods for glowing skin – it’s just 3 common yet readily-available foods that really make the difference. If you suffer from various skin disorders and haven’t given your diet a turnaround, just give these three a try for a few weeks! Everyone is different so experiment with various combinations to see which one works best for you! The old saying “you are what you eat” still holds true, as cliche as it may sound. So consider making that simple change to your diet and your skin may just thank you for it!  

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