Ausganica Certified Organic Lavender Hair & Body Travel Kit 4-in-1

Ausganica Certified Organic Lavender Hair & Body Travel Kit 4-in-1


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This convenient travel kit consists of Ausganica Lavender Shampoo (30ml), Conditioner(30ml), Body Wash(30ml) and Body Lotion(30ml).

Ausganica Lavender Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for sensitive scalps that require gentle care. Gentle botanical cleansers such as soap nut and coconut water are blended in a ph neutral formula to soothe and calm a sensitive scalp. This naturally scented shampoo gives you beautiful luscious tresses without the irritation.

Protect and repair your hair with Ausganica Lavender Conditioner. The perfect compliment after using Ausganica Lavender Shampoo. Infused with Australian Daisy Flower, lavender oil and aloe vera juice, this conditioner will lock in moisture and soothe sensitive scalps organically. Are you ready for sensuously soft hair with a hint of Lavender?

Give yourself a nourishing cleanse with the Lavender Body Wash. It will leave your skin feeling smooth and supple. After cleansing your body, apply the Lavender Body Lotion to lock in the moisture. Be prepared for beautiful soft skin that leaves a scent of pure lavender extracts everywhere you go.

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