How to Use a Certified Organic Lipstick in 5 Ways

How to Use a Certified Organic Lipstick in 5 Ways
October 1, 2016 OrganifiedBeautyBox
How to use Certified Organic Lipstick in 5 Ways

How to Use a Certified Organic Lipstick in 5 Ways

Beauty of the 21st Century has become more about enhancing your beauty, rather than covering up every single flaw on a woman’s bare canvas. There are unlimited options and varieties available nowadays that it can get really confusing on choosing which products you need and want.

Research is continuously carried out – we hear about new products launching into the market on a daily basis. The competitiveness is at its peak. Most women use inorganic makeup and some use Certified Organic makeup. Certified Organic makeup is considered the best from the perspective of healthcare and obtaining results.

Every woman likes to enhance her beauty in different ways. Organic makeup trends are increasing these days. Since inorganic products are made of many different ingredients that may harm your skin or may have some harsh side effects in the long term to your health, using organic products is a much more reliable and healthier option. It reduces the chances of risks and side effects that mainstream beauty products may have.

Now when it comes to diversity, women like to use certain products with respect to their facial features and requirements. These include primers, foundations, eye shadows, eyeliners, blushes and of course, let’s not forget lipsticks or lip products.

Lipsticks are an amazing cosmetic product that every woman loves to carry in their handbags. They can boost a woman’s confidence in an instant, but it is important to note that some lipsticks contain chemicals that may harm your health.

One way to avoid this risk is by using Certified Organic lipsticks. Certified Organic lipsticks are not just lipsticks that are ‘natural’. Depending on the certification, there are various percentages of Certified Organic ingredients that are required in the product for the brand to claim that they are “Certified Organic”.

There are so many shades of lipsticks available that if you start experimenting with them, you can discover the ones that suit you the most! A good shade can definitely enhance your look and if it is a Certified Organic lipstick then you won’t have to worry about eating it!

We are sure you’ll agree that lipsticks have become a part of our daily routine for women. It helps in accentuating your natural lip colour and provides moisture to your lips.

Women love using lipsticks and lip products however most do not know what they are made of.  If you read through the ingredients carefully on the packaging, you may be alarmed at the countless chemicals that you have never heard of or know how to pronounce.

Certified Organic lipsticks are then the best option to use as an alternative! It is always advisable to use Certified Organic cosmetics because the purest and most natural make up is the safest cosmetic you can use.

Certified Organic makeup brands can serve the same purpose as natural makeup does, in fact, you will not only feel different but you will notice a more natural glow to your skin. If you want your skin to keep glowing in a natural way, the best time to start using Certified Organic skin care products is now. The below outlines the numerous reasons why choosing Certified Organic is just so beneficial for you.



Lead is dangerous as it can be slowly absorb into your skin. The lead is so harmful that it can cause damage to your brain. A woman consumes on average 2kgs of lipstick in her lifetime. Imagine the accumulated toxins including lead are digested over this period. Certified Organic lipsticks are lead-free and of course it does not cause harm like other lipsticks.


Paraben Free

Certified Organic lipsticks are certainly paraben free and this feature keeps you away from paraben consumption. Parabens are mostly used as preservatives in the cosmetic industry and should be best avoided. It predominantly impacts your endocrine system – a system in which our glands secrete hormones into our body. By choosing to use Certified Organic lipsticks you lessen the risk of hormonal imbalance.


Nourish and Protect Your Lips

Certified Organic lipsticks are not only used to beautify your lips and give them colour but they also assist in nourishing and protecting your lips from cold, windy conditions. You may have found that synthetic mainstream lipsticks may not only dry your lips out but can also be very hard to remove.

As Certified Organic lipsticks are predominantly made from organic ingredients sourced from mother nature you will not only experience a nourishing texture but a lipstick that can also act as your lip balm. Now who doesn’t want a two in one lipstick? Certified Organic lipsticks can also act as a safe and reliable option for lip protection.


Healthy for Your Lips

Certified Organic lipsticks are made of natural ingredients that keep your lips smooth and hydrated. Unlike synthetic lipsticks, they usually contain bioactive herbal extracts and essential oils, which make them more luscious, smooth and not to mention, smelling divine!


Produce Natural Colour

No artificial colours are added in Certified Organic lipsticks. They give you natural colour as they are made from fruits, minerals, flowers and all natural ingredients.


Rich in Vitamins

Since Certified Organic lipsticks are made of various fruits and flowers, they also become a source of getting vitamins. So if they ingested in your body while you eat and drink, there is no danger or any harm that they can pose.


Infused with Natural Essential Oils

When it comes to shopping, many are very picky and the scent of the product is something that will most often or not determines their purchase. It also determines a product’s worth.

Synthetic lipsticks have fragrances that are man-made and are a mixture of chemicals. These chemicals are of course harmful for everyone and they expose us to a number of dangerous effects.

Some are so potent that it’s clear that it’s just not good for you. Certified Organic lipsticks have natural fragrances made of natural essential oils, flowers and fruits. This natural scent also makes it an easy choice for those Goddesses that love everything that reminds them of nature.

Below are five main reasons why you don’t need to purchase five individual cosmetics, when all you really need is one lipstick! (Ok, maybe a few).


Certified Organic Lipsticks can be used as Blush

Did you ever wonder that Certified Organic lipsticks can be used as a blush? This may not be something that you’ve even considered. The shades of peach, pink, coral, orange and red look best when you smudge them lightly on your cheek bones. You can use it as a blush by applying it on a brush and use it the same way as you use an ordinary blush. You may also wish to use your fingers, as your body temperature will allow the product to melt and blend easily. Just dab a little on your finger without applying much pressure. It will work wonders!


Certified Organic Lipsticks can be used as Eye Shadows

Have you ever imagined using your lipsticks as an eye product? You must be thinking – sticky, glossy eyes? No thanks! But with Certified Organic lipsticks, we are determined to change your mind! Matte lipsticks are a good start. The matte texture will not leave your eyelids with a glossy sticky sheen, but rather a blend-able yet cream eye shadow finish that you’ll learn to love. If you’re stuck for colours, it’s best to stick to nude and lighter shades of lip colour. Nude colours can act as a base on your eyes. The coloured ones can then be used as the main outer corner shade.  Play around with each colour; you’ll be amazed at how versatile Certified Organic lipsticks are!


Certified Organic Lipsticks can also be used for Contouring

There are many different ways to set up your face before you make yourself look great with make-up. One of them is contouring which highlights and modifies your facial features. A Certified Organic lipsticks can do wonders and work just as well as a contouring product does.

Every corporate woman carries around with her cosmetics bag for those touch ups throughout the day to get through to the next meeting. This would be a perfect product to add to your cosmetics bag. All you need is just a few minutes to contour your face and you’re ready to go.

The best colours for contouring are nude, beige or brown shades. Opt for matte textures again for that low sheen chiseled look. Now all you have to do is find out the perfect shade for your skin tone. Save money and time and invest in a natural Certified Organic lipstick.

At first, you might hesitate to use Certified Organic lipsticks for different purposes but trust me, once you start you won’t be able to stop!


Certified Organic Lipsticks are Perfect as Highlighters

Certified Organic lipsticks do really have many alternate uses. Apart from all the uses mentioned above, you can even use it as a highlighter. As lipsticks come in various textures nowadays, opt for the sheen and sheer blends. Certified Organic lipsticks which have more shimmer will be perfect to use as highlighters.

If you are using it as a highlighter you can highlight the areas under the eyebrows or use it on top of your cheekbones to highlight them. This will give you the same glow that you will achieve from using a synthetic lipstick, if not better.


Certified Organic Lipsticks can be used as a Lip Gloss/Lip Balm

If you’re nearing the lifecycle of your favourite lipstick, don’t throw it away (unless it’s expired of course)! You can utilize the last remaining section with a lip brush and mix it with your favourite lip balm to give you that tinted moisturized feel on your lips.

It will not only give you the colour you want on your lips but will also work as a lip balm. A shiny Certified Organic lipstick can be used as a lip-gloss if applied over a matte lip colour.

Using light and nude Certified Organic lipsticks will also work as a lip balm and will protect your lips from drying out with it’s properties, as most of them contain Shea butter, coconut oil or natural essential oils. Certified Organic Lipsticks are great to use as a lip balm or lip tint as they will keep your lips healthy, smooth and shiny.

Many women use Certified Organic products due to sensitivities or to avoid allergies caused by harsh chemicals found in synthetic beauty products. A lot of women are still not aware of the fact that organic products are more beneficial than inorganic products and the health benefits are evident through the certifications.

They are simply safe to use and give the same elegance and beauty, which a mainstream synthetic beauty product can. The benefits as mentioned above in regards to Certified Organic lipsticks are obvious.

It is now up to you to make the conscious change and ditch that chemical induced lipstick and try some Certified Organic ones that will benefit you in the long run. Not the mention that the above versatility in utilizing your favourite lipstick, it’s evident that lipsticks can be used in so many ways. If there’s one beauty product you must travel with, it’s a Certified Organic lipstick!


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